Rooibos Red Loose Tea 4 oz

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Rooibos, also known as Red tea is South African indigenous tea. It only grows in one place in the world and that is the Cederberg mountains in Clan William, Cape Town. Our organic rooibos contains no additives, preservatives or colorants. It is completely pure and natural. It is caffeine free and very low in tannin but rich in minerals and has antioxidant values. This special tea builds the immune system up and relieves insomnia. It also helps proper digestion and it is said to be good for overall health. It contains traces of the following nutrients:

1. Iron (Fe) which is essential for transporting oxygen in the blood 2. Potassium (k) necessary for metabolic processes in the body. 3. Calcium (Ca) necessary for strong teeth and  bones. 4. Copper (Cu) necessary for other different metabolic processes. 5. Zinc (Zn) necessary for normal growth and development along with healthy skin. 6. Magnesium (Mg) necessary for healthy nervous system and for other metabolic process. 7. Fluoride (F) necessary for healthy teeth and bones. 8. Manganese (Mn)necessary for metabolic processes along with bone growth and developments. Sodium (Na) necessary for fluid and acid-base balance.


This beverage is sheer pleasure to drink. Both young and old enjoy it.

To Prepare:

Put one teaspoon of loose rooibos into a pot of cold or room temperature water ( 24 oz to 36 oz recommended ) and bring to boiling point. Turn of the heat but keep the pot covered for another 5 to 7 minutes for it to both cool down and infuse well. However, you can always brew it to your taste. Add sweetener and/or milk/or non-dairy creamer if desired.

To make iced tea, let it cool down enough to be put in the refrigerator. When cold, add sweetener and ice cubes if desired. 

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